Planning application statement 20 June 2019

Statement on behalf of the Fyfield and West Overton Parish Council


Application 19/02445/FUL

Rivermead House, Lockeridge


In relation to the proposed application to build an agricultural barn, the Parish Council (“the Council”) is not against the design and visual impact of the barn, nor of the intended use. We concur with the Case Officer’s view that it is very much an agricultural building by design that is a common sighting throughout the local areathe building height is not excessive and that the applicant has taken care to mitigate against any negative impacts on the surrounding environment.

The Council is also supportive of the conditions placed on the proposed application in relation to access to and from the property.

The Council appreciates that the applicant is not required to prepare a Traffic Assessment or Traffic Statement under Paragraph 111 of the National Planning Policy Framework and Wiltshire Highways (“HA”) have advised that the number and times of vehicle movements associated with the proposed business use is not likely to have a significant cumulative negative impact on the users of the highway.

However, the Council has listened carefully to residents’ concerns about the possibleimpact on the village roads, in particular in Lockeridge at the end of Overton Road, near to and adjacent to Kennet Valley School where cars are parked at most times of the day. The Council raised this matter formally in their original planning response, in follow up correspondence and through the support of West Selkey councillor, Jane Davies. The Council is grateful that HA carried out a detailed site visit to directly assess the traffic conditions on these roads. HA advised that there will not be an “unacceptable impact on the safety of the highway user” even with parked vehicles in place. 

Despite the assessment, many residents are understood to feel very strongly that, taking into account the narrowness of the road when cars are parked, the ‘worst case’ scenario has not been satisfactorily taken into account by HA. In this regard they refer to measurement provided in their own traffic assessment report, commissioned by Badingham, which compares the width of certain sections of the road compared to the width of the proposed agricultural machinery. 


For the purposes of absolute clarity and to assuage residents’ concerns, the Council respectfully asks that the Planning Committee use the opportunity during the meeting to satisfy themselves that this has been proven beyond reasonable doubt  by HA.




Fyfield and West Overton Parish Council


20th June 2019

sophie roberts,
9 Oct 2019, 09:41