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Finance: David Woolley

The Precept has been increased slightly this year to £9000.  Due to receiving a 50% grant the Parish Council was able to carry out some much needed repairs to the play areas and provide some new equipment for Lockeridge thus reducing the Parish Council reserves.  In 2016/17 we will be looking into the possible provision of defibrillators and the possibility of reducing the speed limit in Lockeridge.

Parish Assets: Geoff Emberlin

The Parish Assets Committee looks after items belonging to our community, like outdoor seats, litter bins, playgrounds and bus shelters. It also attends to the maintenance and repair of the village play areas which are inspected weekly and annually by an outside body.

Traffic and Road Safety: Mike Morrissy
We liaise regularly with Wiltshire Council Highways who are very helpful when we have maintenance problems.They have also been generous with their time and given constructive advice to assist us with improving safety within the Parish for all road users. We have sent in two Speed Review submissions, one for a 50 mph limit for the A4 through Fyfield, which was successful, and a 40 mph limit through  Upper Fyfield, to and from the junction with the A4. 
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